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There are about 250 Improvement Districts in B.C. They’re located in rural areas and provide local services. Ships Point Improvement District (SPID) covers approximately 300 households and provides water management and fire protection on Ships Point. It’s located within the boundary of the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD). The CVRD provides regional services such as building inspections, regional parks maintenance, road maintenance, and land-use control.

Fire Danger

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Yard Burning Okay with permit

All burn permits are now cancelled

Burning Permits Required April 15th to October 15th


Backyard campfires are currently allowed but no other backyard burning.

Water Conservation Stage

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Emergency Contacts

For water issues call:
Dave Shepherd
Mike Mesford
Dave Henderson
For fire or medical emergencies call 911.
Local responders will be dispatched by 911 operators as appropriate.


Check out what’s happening at the Fanny Bay Hall!
Board of trustee meetings are held monthly. Please call the office to confirm the date and time of the next meeting.


(What's SPID?)

SPID Water Project Construction Updates

Road Shoulders

Construction crews are now starting to prepare the boulevards for hydroseeding. Residents are requested to not rake the top soil to the edge of the road. Ministry of Transportation code requires a minimum 0.5 meter (19 inch) shoulder with no soil next to the road.
Posted 14-07-17

SPID Water Project Construction Updates

Notice of Planned Water Service Interruption

Baynes Drive - all properties (north and south loops)
Park Road - all properties
Ships Point Road - all properties from Tozer Road to Vivian Way

Monday, June 26, 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

Construction crews will be tying the new water line for Baynes Drive and Park Road into the main line on Monday, June 26. Work will commence at 7:00 am and may continue as late as 7:00 pm.

Please keep an emergency supply of water on hand.

Posted 22-06-17

Annual General Meeting

On 8 April, SPID held its Annual General Meeting at the Fanny Bay Community Hall. 53 residents attended to hear reports from the various committee chairs including finance, the water department and the fire department (report provided from the SPID Fire Chief, Terry Hoffart). The plans for this year’s water main construction project were also available for viewing. The SPID trustees said good bye and thank you to Frank Green for his invaluable years as chair of the finance committee. Ratepayers also voted for two trustee positions. New to the Board is Allyson Roy and returning to the Board is Bill Trussler.
Posted 8-05-17

Yard Waste Questionnaire

Are you a burner, a chipper or a composter? SPID would like to hear from you about your experience with yard waste disposal. A questionnaire is available here or copies can be obtained at the SPID office. Responses are requested before the end of May. Your responses to this questionnaire will help the SPID board gauge the level of concern and the extent of the issue in our community. Thank you in advance for completing the questionnaire.
Posted 25-04-17

Construction Begins!

The water project has begun. Work should be finished by mid July. Pipe is being laid starting at the south end of Tozer and that work will proceed along the length of Tozer before moving to Ships Point Road, Baynes (south loop) and Park Road. The contractor will be on site from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays).
Please obey all traffic signs and travel with extra caution in work zones. The contractor is responsible for site safety. Please stay clear of all construction activity and consider rerouting your daily dog walk or exercise route if possible. Emergency access (medical and fire) will be available at all times.
Due to the age of the old pipes there may be some unplanned interruptions to water service. Please keep some drinking water on hand. Every effort will be made to provide 48 hours notice for planned interruptions to water services.
The SPID Board has constituted a Project Liaison Team (PLT) to act as the contact for ratepayers. If you have a non emergency question or concern about the project please contact one of the following Trustees:

Phone or text:
  • Dave Henderson cell: 250 702 5724
  • Jackie Ainsworth cell: 250 702 6000
  • Allyson Roy cell: 604 786 8105

There will be regular updates on construction activity here on the SPID website, in the Fanny Bay Flyer and on the information boards at the mailboxes. Please share this information with your neighbours.
Posted 8-04-17
Water Conservation Get the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Ships Point residents rely on underground aquifers for their supply of fresh water. We share this resource with each other, with our neighbors in the Fanny Bay area and with some local industrial users. As a Provincial water licensee, the Ships Point Improvement District, the agency that manages the water system, has a responsibility to protect that water supply and to ensure householders continue to get as adequate an amount of clean, healthy water delivered to their homes as possible. Water supplies can be impacted by drought. In order to manage this risk, SPID is introducing voluntary water conservation guidelines to our community. Water conservation guidelines are now a standard practice amongst municipalities across North America.
Ships Point Voluntary Water Conservation Guidelines (2016)
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  • Hand watering should be done using a hand-held container or a hose equipped with a shutoff device
  • Micro-irrigation and drip-irrigation deliver a slow moving supply of water at a gradual rate directly to the soil resulting in water savings
  • Washing vehicles, boats and houses (siding) should be done using a hand-held container or a hose equipped with a shutoff device
For further information on the SPID Water Conservation Guidelines please read the list of Frequently Asked Questions.
Posted 28-5-16
Get Email Updates for the Most Important SPID News!
The Communication Committee is collecting addresses in order to develop a comprehensive e-mail list of SPID ratepayers. You can expect to receive notices regarding such things as burn bans, water conservation and though not imminent, water shut-off and road closures during the construction phase of the water project. Take this opportunity to be in direct contact with the Board.

Please include your street address as well as your e-mail address so we can tailor our notices to those affected. Send your contact information to As required by law, your privacy will be protected.
Posted 27-4-16
Office Hours
Tu - Fri 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
7729 Vivian Way
Fanny Bay, BC
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Nina LeBlanc, Office Administrator