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April 10
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Water System Upgrade

Construction Has Begun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are the water mains being replaced?
A. The water pipes on Ships Point are reaching the end of their serviceable life. It is time to update this critical infrastructure In order to continue supplying potable water to the residents of Ships Point. The planning for this work has been underway for some time. The Ships Point Improvement District (SPID) began a prudent collection of funds over the past few years so that the costs of replacement could be borne by residents over years, not as a ‘one off’ emergency requirement. This forward thinking, combined with a successful grant application for $200,000 from Western Economic Diversification, has reduced the financial impact for property owners.

Q. Who are the contractors?
A. There are two companies involved in the project. McElhanney Engineering Consultants and Hazelwood Construction Services. The construction contractors are responsible for site safety. Please avoid the areas of work and keep a wide berth from machinery.

Q. When will the construction start and how long will it run?
A. The construction is scheduled to start 10 April. The completion date is estimated to be the middle of July but weather may have an effect on construction schedules.

Q. What are the hours of work?
A. The contractors will be onsite from 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday.

Q. Who can I contact if I have a question or concern?
A. The SPID Board has constituted a Project Liaison Team (PLT) to act as the contact for ratepayers, contractors and McElhanney Engineers in regards to-non emergency information. For example, traffic disruptions, water service interruptions and road closures. PLT members can be contacted via text or phone:

SPID Water Project Liaison Team:
  • Dave Henderson cell: 250 702 5724
  • Jackie Ainsworth cell: 250 702 6000
  • Pat Gordon cell: 250 893 5193

Q. What properties will be affected by this phase of construction?
A. The following properties are within the scope of this phase of construction:
  • Tozer Road – all
  • Michael Place – all
  • Park Road - all
  • Ships Point Road – 7890, 7891, 7894,7895, 7900, 7901, 7905, 7906
  • Baynes Drive – all properties east of Ships Point Road
(See map above)

Q. How will my property be impacted?
A. The planned works may include the installation of a new water main within the boulevard fronting your property. To facilitate construction, a portion of the boulevard and driveway within the boulevard may be removed and replaced.
All of the work will occur within the public right of way along the roadways except for a small disturbance where the contractor will have to make the service connection from the new main water line to each individual property.
In some cases, over the years, residents’ landscaping has expanded from private property to public land. The contractor will try not to disturb private landscaping that is on public property. Where it is disturbed or removed it will be replaced with topsoil and hydro seed (grass) only.
The contractor will retain and protect trees, hedges and shrubs wherever possible. However, we are expecting that some trees, hedges and shrubs will be removed that are on public land.
Within these public rights of way functional (not decorative) retaining walls and headwalls (integral to the drainage system) will be restored to a condition equal to or better than the existing walls.
If the road surface is disturbed it will be restored to Ministry of Transport standards.
Drainage pipes will be replaced to MOT standards

Q. Will there be water service Interruptions?
A. Water service interruptions will be kept to a minimum. However, your water service will have to be shut off to facilitate connection of your new service. SPID will provide you with 48hrs notice prior to any planned water service interruptions. Unplanned shut offs may occur. Please keep an emergency supply of water available in your home.

Q. Will there be traffic disruptions?
A. Emergency access to/from all properties will be maintained throughout construction. In the event of a medical/fire emergency the contractor will backfill any driveway that is required for emergency vehicles.
Pedestrian access to/from all properties will be maintained throughout construction.
Vehicular access will be provided to all properties at the end of daily construction.
The Contractor is responsible for erecting appropriate signage and providing temporary traffic control measures including trained traffic control personnel during working hours.
Intermittent delays along all affected roadways can be expected. Two way traffic lanes will be maintained the majority of the time. There will be exceptions to allow the delivery of construction materials, to allow trucks to access the work site safely, etc. Detour routes will be clearly marked. Temporary “No Parking” signs may need to be erected along streets.
The intention is to restrict traffic to 'local only' routing, at least during working hours. Pipe replacement work is planned to proceed from the south end of Tozer to the north end of Tozer. However, surface restorations including paving will be completed in longer sections in order to be cost effective.

Q. Will the project impact my waste and recycling collection?
A. Curb side solid waste and recycling collection schedules will remain unaffected during the construction period. The Contractor will assist residents where required inside active work areas.
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