Ships Point Volunteer Fire Department - Who are we?

Who Are We?

Ships Point Volunteer Fire Department (SPVFD) is committed to protecting life, property and business from the effects of fire and disasters. SPVFD will also assist with medical emergencies whenever it is called upon to do so.  A portion of our program can be accomplished through fire prevention, education and emergency preparedness programs.  When called upon we will provide a safe, rapid and professional response to emergencies.  We will show compassion for the victims of emergencies and will attempt to minimize the adverse effects on the environment resulting from our responses whenever possible.

Fire Hall

The Ships Point Fire Hall is located at 7729 Vivian Way, right next to the SPID Office and Fire Dept Training Room.  As a result of this central location, no place on the Point is more than a few minutes away from the hall.  The fire hall contains one vehicle bay, which houses our main pumper engine, an office, a storage room, and a workshop for minor maintenance.  A canopy shelter located next to the Hall protects our Rapid Response/Rescue Vehicle, and sea containers located at the rear of the property are utilized as training props.

Our Members

SPVFD operates under the guidance/direction of the Fire Chief who is responsible to the SPID Chairman in accordance with Bylaw No. 67


SPVFD currently consists of 20 volunteer firefighters and auxiliary members who live in our community; we are your neighbours and friends.  Firefighters train in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and procedures to remain compliant with Work Safe BC (WSBC), Emergency Medical Authority (EMA), and BC Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) direction and guidance.

Training and Practice

Regular practices are held every Tuesday, with training briefs regularly scheduled on Wednesday evenings.  Training includes both firefighting techniques and procedures, as well as First Responder procedures, that allow us to meet WSBC, EMA and OFC guidelines.  In addition to local training, members also attend live fire and rescue training at the Comox Fire Department Training Centre.  Complimentary inhouse and local training also includes specialized firefighting techniques for wildfire/interface fires, Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) incidents, and incident scene management.  We periodically train with Fanny Bay, Union Bay and Deep Bay Fire Departments, and maintain a mutual aid agreement with all the Fire Departments within the Comox Valley in the event of an emergency situation that one department cannot handle.  Specialized EMA medical training is provided to license new First Responders and required re-certification training is provided every three years.


The SPVFD Auxiliary are volunteers who provide support and assistance to the fire department without becoming a fully trained firefighter.  The use of trained non-firefighting personnel to provide various levels of support is meant to increase the manpower pool and allow firefighters to carry out their primary responsibility, thereby improving the overall level of support to the community.  Positions under consideration for Auxiliary members include Traffic Control, First Responder, Rehabilitation Manning and Pumper Operator.


Join us!

We are always in need of new volunteers to fill the ranks.  Application forms for both regular and auxiliary positions are available online or at the SPID office.  If you are interested in more information or wish to join, please e-mail Fire Chief Terry Hoffart at


Ships Point Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief: Terry Hoffart
Deputy Chief: Ingrid Welch
Assistant Chief: Rob Vreugde
Attack Team Leads: Dave Shepherd, Andrew Locke

Safety Officer – Brenda Timbers


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